Friday, April 30, 2010

2009 Population Estimates Show Continued Loss for Northwest Missouri

The U.S. Census Bureau and Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) have released the 2009 population estimates for Missouri's counties. Unfortunately, the estimates continue to show population decline in the region. Not surprisingly, the counties surrounding the Missouri's urban centers are experiencing the most growth (see map).  Hopefully the full 2010 Census count will show a reversal of the northwest Missouri population decline.

2009 Estimates (with change from 2000 Census):
Atchison County: 6,036 (-415, -6.5%)
Gentry County: 6,108 (-656, -9.6%)
Holt County: 4,868 (-456, -8.5%)
Nodaway County: 22,130 (+129, +0.6%)
Worth County: 2,014 (-371, 15.6%)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Current Northwest Missouri Census Participation Rates

The Census Bureau says 72 percent of Missouri households have mailed in their 10-question forms. That’s right on the national average but down two percentage points from ten years ago. The 28 percent of Missouri households that still have not mailed in their forms can expect census takers to be knocking on their doors in the next few weeks.
To date in northwest Missouri, our counties are trending close to the state average, although Worth and Holt seem to be a bit behind.  The return rate numbers as of April 29:
  • Atchison County: 73%
  • Gentry County: 74%
  • Holt County: 62%
  • Nodaway County: 74%
  • Worth County: 61%
Cities and counties rely on Census data for many different things, including grant funding, infrastructure development, and growth planning. Encourage your friends and neighbors to return their Census 2010 forms today!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maryville Awarded CDBG Grant

Congratulations to the City of Maryville for receiving a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for downtown revitalization.  The $181,000 grant will enable the city to finish improvements to the downtown business district, including new streets, sidewalks, lighting, and underground infrastructure.  Arnie Kreek, Economic Development Planner for the Regional Council, prepared the grant application.  View the announcement here.

White House Publishes Rural Economy Report

The White House has published a new report on "Strengthening the Rural Economy".  What do you think?
View Report.

CDBG Grants Submitted

Staff members at the Regional Council are putting the finishing touches on five Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications, due May 1st.  These "Other Public Needs" projects are as follows:
  • City of Burlington Junction, Streets and Drainage
  • City of Elmo, Drainage
  • Nodaway County, Courthouse ADA Elevator
  • City of Tarkio, Storm Sewer
  • City of Watson, Streets and Drainage
The CDBG program is funded through federal HUD dollars, and managed in state by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.  Other funding categories include Community Facilities, Water and Wastewater Infrastructure, and Demolition.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Even the Longest Journey Begins with a Single Step

Greetings!  This is the first post on the brand new Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments' COG BLOG!  This is our attempt to catapult into the 21st century and use "new media" to augment our message.  Most importantly, we want to use this blog to help keep our partners aware of what's happening in northwest Missouri, and make sure our member governments are aware of any new opportunities that may arise at the state or federal level.  

You'll have to bear with us these first few times, as we are just now learning the ropes of blogging.  We hope you will find this an interesting place to visit from time to time.  Please feel free to leave us a comment or drop us a line anytime!

The NWMORCOG team.